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The Hartongs | Photojournalists

Award-winning Photo + Video
Editorial Portrait

Malinda & Glenn Hartong are photojournalists and editorial photographers with extensive experience in both candid and event photography as well as portraits – from branding and headshots to seniors, models, and gorgeous portraits.
We shoot covers and more for regional and international publications, like the 3 images above for Xavier Nation, Xavier University’s alumni publication. The first photo was created by Malinda, from concept to setup, using 12 actual flashes. Not photoshop. Not what we do day to day, but it was certainly fun to capture for the cover showcasing Xavier’s rising star athlete. We typically keep it simple, but once in a while its fun to go all out!

Genuine Expression is everything

Whether in our studio near Winton Woods or on location, our 1st priority is expression. Having shot news for decades, we know a real smile when we see one, and it makes all the difference! Take your time, cruise through our work, and contact us to schedule your photo shoot. Our upbeat Photo Shoots are fully guided to capture your best angle and also best organic expression.513-245-4100

Attentions to Details: Headshots

Team Headshots On Location are one of Malinda’s favorite shoots! From the executives of a global media company to city council members to nonprofit boards to sales teams, we customize your onsite photo shoot to your style and needs. At one recent shoot, an executive was surprised by our attention to detail – he had never had anyone use blotting papers to reduce shine and take care of his navy jacket with a lint roller before. Contact Malinda for a quote today.

Be sure to visit our tips for self care and wardrobe for headshots.


Engaging. Genuine Expression. Posed naturally! Don’t settle for a selfie. Put your trust in experts to create the very best images for you! Hair & makeup available. One person or the whole
team! On location or in our studio, from the whole board to the sales team – we make sure you get the BEST images that speak to who you are – creating an immediate connection! Malinda
hones her skills with the best headshot photographers on the planet each week – always learning, always striving for THAT image that will blow you away!


From manufacturing to non-profits, portraits to documentary – Glenn & Malinda Hartong are experts at creating The Look for their clients. Web to print to social media – one cohesive presence
cements your connection with your audience and takes your brand to the next level. Your brand is nothing to fool around with! Depend on the very best to create the images that will engage
your clients, naturally, genuinely! Putting you at ease to get THE BEST SHOTS! Posing and lighting to present your very best to your audience! Watch your connection to your audience SOAR! And
yes we shoot product, story, portraits and more! Trust us to create THE WHOLE PACKAGE to tell our brand story! Ask us for links to our clients’ stories.


Exclusive Photo Shoots! Look like you just stepped off the cover of your favorite magazine! We design a custom magazine-style photo shoot featuring your personality, attitude, style – kicked up!
Become one of our featured Models and take advantage of a TON of exclusive perks! Check out our Portfolio and fill out the form on this page to apply today! Very limited availability! Multiple locations, studio glam closet, and much more. Brooklyn sent in a few of her images and a got a call the same day!


You will never be any younger than you are today. Exist in photographs. Malinda captures the real you, but you’ll be stunned at how amazing you’ll look! Malinda
specializes in authentic portraits – identifying with mature women. Malinda will make you FEEL AND LOOK your absolute BEST.
Ask about our super cool studio wardrobe and spend the day feeling like an absolute Queen! It’s time to celebrate YOU!
Posing you in a way that suits you best, don’t believe the camera adds pounds – the way we shoot, we take it off! So just SCHEDULE your shoot! NOW is the BEST time! You’ll feel like a million bucks!


Magazine Cover Photo Shoots & event coverage for a long list of publications and clients including Cincinnati Magazine, Friends of Music Hall, and many more. Check out the cover photos for Xavier Nation above.
For Zach’s cover shoot we set up 12 lights in the arena. That’s NOT Photoshop!


We are SO READY! Capturing moments is what we do. We’re excited to get back to documenting events! Years spent photographing daily news honed a keen sense of being in the right place, at the right time, anticipating what’s coming next. Clients include Cincinnati Magazine, The Dragonfly Foundation, and more.


Glenn & Malinda Hartong are fully vaccinated and excited to get back to headshots,  portraits and events.

We have over 30 years professional photography experience. Photojournalists cover everything: fires, floods, funerals, community events, youth sports, Girls Nights Out, Galas, and so much more.

Malinda also loves being capturing people – whether on location or in the studio! Glenn is an Emmy-award winning Video Producer and Director of Photography with decades of awards for his still images & video work.

Glenn’s images have been published in National Geographic, New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post and all over the world. Glenn has produced video stories for New York Times, Deutche Welle, France24, and more.

Malinda’s photographs have been published all around town and around the globe, including The Times of London, The Guardian, and, Cincinnati Magazine and more. Malinda loves photographing events as well as creating authentic portraits, headshots, and brand images.

Photo + Video

We offer both photography &/or video – especially testimonials & interviews – to create features for social to web to broadcast, with credits including Heimlich HeroesCincinnati Childrens Hospital, University of Cincinnati Foundation,  & New York Times and Xavier Nation features, and of course The Dragonfly Foundation – supporting families enduring childhood cancer.

Glenn is co-owner at ChiliDog Pictures HD Video Productions & Live Streaming. Glenn uses his decades of daily news experience to expertly interview everyone from the CEO to the concrete truck driver – asking the right questions, easily eliciting the best & most heartfelt responses to create impactful engaging videos. Glenn freelances for major networks as well as corporations, universities, arts organizations, and more.

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